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We are ACSI!

We are ACSIOur goal is to assist schools to produce students who will have the mind of Christ.
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Join ACSI Nigeria  nowChristian education is one of the greatest legacies that we can give the young generation.
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Core Commitments

I recall the story (I cannot confirm its authenticity) of Vince Lombardi addressing his Green Bay Packers early in his tenure. It had been a particularly frustrating practice early in the preseason which evidently caused Lombardi to wonder if his players knew even the first thing about the game of football. In response, it is said that he called his team together and said, as he picked up the pigskin, “Gentleman, let’s start from the beginning, this is a football; this is a football field; these are the yard markers...”


Authentic Christian Education

Derek J. Keenan, Vice President, Academic Affairs, ACSI

The late Dr. Roy W. Lowrie Jr., a longtime administrator and one of the founders of ACSI, often used two phrases when referring to Christian school educators. He called them “the gold in the bank” of the Christian school, and he noted that they “cast a long shadow.” The value of teachers has not diminished, and your influence is deep in the lives of students. Being a teacher is a serious calling!


Christ-Centered Education

Christian schooling is rooted in a Christian philosophy of education, the eternal Word of God as revealed in Scripture and in creation, and the concept of redemptive teaching.

A Christian philosophy of education is founded on the biblical truth that all that can be discovered, studied, fathomed, created, adorned, or enjoyed existed first in the mind of God, is sustained by Christ’s power, and is revealed through the Holy Spirit’s presence.


Christian Education as Crucial

In my thirty years of being involved with Christian education, I have heard it called a number of things. It is an “alternative,” “optional,” “nice,” even...“important.” Never has the word CRUCIAL been uttered in my hearing. Yet, I believe that the times in which we live, the educational atmosphere, and the current state of the Church warrant using such a word.

Webster defines crucial as, “important or essential as resolving a crisis.” When I consider this, in light of what we do in Christian schooling, and what I see in the world around me, I can’t help but come to this conclusion...that the Christian education of our children is essential to resolving the crisis that we n

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At ACSI, our mission is to enable CHRISTIAN EDUCATORS and SCHOOLS worldwide to effectively prepare STUDENTS for life.

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